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  1. I spy………lots of Miss Auburn’s, Miss Homecoming’s, Miss Spring Break’s, Miss Fall Rush’s, etc, winners & candidates in those pictures. I see some of the Conner girls (“Pat’s Dry Field”) & some of the player’s sisters as well. Sue Locklar always has done a great job with these ladies& her program. They represent Auburn well.

  2. I impressed you found my photos (top 3)! Fun times, great girls, and a huge part of my Auburn experience. We had a reunion at Homecoming in 2010—good timing!

    Thanks for the story!

    Tigerette 1978-80

  3. Laura: Am looking for a very nice girl named Tammy from the years you and her may have ben Tigerettes together.

    Her father lived in Tennessee and we met there. her cousin Sissy lives her too.

    We had great times in Tn, Auburn & Atlanta. Watching Auburn / TX A&M today brought it back.

    The fondest of memories.

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