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  1. I don’t believe in fate (I believe you can only count on what you earn) BUT – it this is sign that you covered Big Fish before the Iron Bowl…listen to this: Last year we “Nashville” Auburn family gathered to wathc the first game of the season. We joked, dreamed, and pondered how this Cam Newton fellow was going to do. We were flipping between game and stumbled onto Big Fish on AMC. We flipped to it literally as Devito says, “Her name is Sandra Pempelton…she goes to AUBURN.” Regardless of what happens saturday – It’s ALWAYS great to be an AUBURN TIGER!

  2. That movie was AUsome!. The wife and I even swung through Wetumpka a few years back to visit the Big Fish house and see a few other sites. War Damn Big Fish!

  3. Reading this on the anniversary of the day I was born got me choked up a bit myself. Thanks as always for the fantastic content, Jeremy.

  4. BTW – can anyone place the year this game may have been? I’m thinking it was 1970. AU got down in the first half, but the Sullivan to Beasley express lit it up and AU won with a field goal at the end.

  5. Good stuff! One of the guys I graduated Auburn architecture with (May 2007) is one of the male dancers in the Utopian City scene. And my brother’s wife is expecting, maybe the day I become an Aunt we will win again! War Eagle!

  6. I cut my grass in Camden Ridge in Auburn 2 days ago. It’s possible. I won’t have to touch it again for quite a while, though.

  7. LOL…no prob TWER, it’s my other alma mater and if I’ve heard/read it mispronounced once, I’ve heard it a million times……

  8. They filmed Auburn scenes at Huntingdon, they asked Auburn, but the school wanted script approval and they didn’t have time to wait for it. So I was told.

  9. Could just one person explain to me where this lawn was located, or when Auburn played Alabama in the Summer? Puleeeze


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