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Tiger Pause: Tracking Auburn in Pop Culture

After Leonardo DiCaprio’s Auburn hat got into a wreck in the Hamptons, it rode another Citibike around New York City

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I mean, he’s temporarily without his Range Rover. But you’ll have to pry that Auburn hat out of his cold, dead hands. Seriously, this is like the millionth Leonardo DiAuburnCaprio sighting this year. It’s kind of crazy. We posted an “every photo of Leonardo DiCaprio in his Auburn hat” post …

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Bama grads forced to get Auburn (temporary) neck tattoos, say ‘War Eagle’ on Tosh.0


Daniel Tosh hates Nick Saban which means he hates Alabama which means he gets his two Bama grad writers to do stuff like this, just for bleep-button kicks. #WarEagle @danieltosh @heartofauburn @wareaglereader pic.twitter.com/7g9wUUQawq — Laurie (@winnalex) August 3, 2016 Related: Auburn Parkour face plant featured on Tosh.0.

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Auburn fan wrongfully on death row for 30 years wears Auburn shirt for ’60 Minutes’ feature


Apparently the past 30 years have seen more Alabama fans than Auburn fans on Alabama’s death row. And it turns out at least one of the Auburn fans, Anthony Ray Hinton (shouldn’t have even been there. So what do you say, Auburn Athletic Department — free tickets for life? You can read more about Hinton’s …

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Former Miss Alabama turned Trump Train conductor Catherine Crosby Long sounds ‘War Eagle’ whistle during primetime RNC coverage

Screenshot 2016-07-21 20.14.45

Another night at the Republican National Convention, another loud primetime “War Eagle.’ Bill O’Reilly threw it down to Jesse Watters on the floor of the Republican National Convention. He talked to Trump supporter Catherine Crosby Long. Watters knew Long was a former Miss Alabama (2003). He didn’t know she was an Auburn …

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‘War Eagle’ shouted during Alabama delegation introduction at Republican National Convention

Screenshot 2016-07-19 17.51.20

That’s one “Rubio,” 13 “Cruz,” 36 “Trump”… and (courtesy Auburn Mobile Auburn Club advisory board member and Alabama Republican Party chairman Terry Lathan, of the Toomer’s eagle statue-restoring Lathan Company Lathans) three “War Eagle.” When you realize you blinked since 1988 NOLA RNC convention and its 28 yrs later in @2016CLE …

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