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Tiger Pause: Tracking Auburn in Pop Culture

Watch a Navy SEAL do a huge ‘War Eagle!’ cheer on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

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For years—literally years—we’ve pondered the preponderance of Auburn references on prime time TV. And for once, we may have an answer. Because for months—literally months—screenwriter / showrunner Jeffrey Lieber, who late last year did some Skyping with an AU MDIA class, has been trying to work in a “War Eagle” into ...

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‘Auburn’s Greatest Buzzer Beaters’ video once came with Sports Illustrated subscription according to USA show ‘Psych’

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Before long, it won’t take a fake psychic detective to relive the oddly specific glory days of Auburn basketball… And this was the pilot episode! If you can’t see the video, try here. Psych isn’t the first USA show with a random Auburn reference. Here’s one from Necessary Roughness. Here are ...

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