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‘Big Fish’ author Daniel Wallace objects to use of Bama pennant in Broadway production

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An even better photo of the Auburn campus on the set of “Big Fish.” And we hope the set designer breaks a leg if he / she dares sully it with a Bama pennant. [Photo: Erin Argo]
The show must go on. Just not with that hideous Bama pennant. At least not if Daniel Wallace has anything to say about it. And it’s understandable that he would.

The new Broadway musical “Big Fish” is, of course, based on Wallace’s 1998 book of the same name, a book that, you know, includes an incredible chapter about Auburn winning the Iron Bowl which you should read right now, a book that lead to Danny Devito saying the word “Auburn”, and that inspired the Broadway version of Auburn University we were introduced to last week. And Wallace just isn’t down with sacrificing thematic consistency and believability and artistic intent so the set designer can pat himself on the back for deciding that a Bama pennant better captures some modern Southern Gothic vibe or whatever. That may work on a Brooklyn BBQ bar’s Instagram account. But this is real life.

From al.com

While the show is in previews, Crouch, director Susan Stroman and the rest of the “Big Fish” team are tweaking things here and there, but the Auburn scenes are pretty well set, Crouch says.

What’s in question right now is a nod to the University of Alabama in the opening scene.

Wallace, the author, “didn’t like that there was an Alabama pennant in the boy’s bedroom, and he complained about it,” Crouch says. “I think it’s still there, but I think it’s being worked on.”

War Daniel Wallace.

h/t Hayley Hammock Young

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