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  1. According to Wikipedia, his birthday is December 28, 1961, meaning he is just shy of 21 in this picture. Hope that’s a root beer, Chiz!

  2. Drinking age in Florida was 19 back then. He’s legal in that picture, so that should clear up any questions about Cam’s eligibility.

  3. what the heck is a “woodser” anyways? can some of you former frat-rats explain please?

  4. also, is it just me or does Saban look like Jeremy Piven in J.M.’s linked photo above???

  5. Woodser = pasture party, but in the woods I’d guess. Ever seen dazed and confused when they go the party in the woods, I think they called it the moon tower or something. Also, in the saban link above that looks like dave wanstache trying very hard to look like mike ditka.

  6. I was born in 1963, and the drinking law was 18 for us in 1981 in Florida, so he is legal. My age group was when they were changing to 21, so it did go to 19, then 21, but those born in ’63 could drink legally at 18 in Florida. I would say the best thing though is it looks like Chizik has the cutest date, although the other 2 are great as well 🙂 She sort has that Pam Dawber, Mork and Mindy look

  7. Thanks for the explanation tigertracker. We just called that kind of party “friday night” where I come from….

  8. The #1 song at the time was “Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes. Theme from the movie Officer and a Gentlemen. Guess you can say Gene took us “Up Where We Belong.” Sorry, had to do it.


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