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Auburn gets punk’d: Classic punxploitation flick ‘Suburbia’ features radio broadcast of anti-classic AU football game

The Costa Mesa Auburn Club, 1983. Or ’82.

It’s time for the most obscure Tiger Trivia ever.

Question: What was playing on the radio during the garage sale scene in the 1983 movie Suburbia?

Answer: The broadcast to the 1982 Auburn-Nebraska game.

The pop-culturability of Auburn football knows no bounds, but hearing the broadcast of an Auburn football game in the background of a classic punxploitation film is truly surreal, and truly inexplicable.

I’ve yet to see Suburbia in its entirety; something about the child being mauled to death by the wild dog at the beginning, followed by the screaming girl being stripped naked in the mosh pit at the D.I. show just wasn’t doing it for me. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

But you’d occasionally hear folks talk about the garage sale scene at Auburn house shows back in the day. “Dude, I swear you can hear the Iron Bowl.”

TWER finally got our hands on the clip.  We poured over it with all the sick attention to detail you’ve come to expect. It’s not the Iron Bowl.

Nor does it seem to be an Auburn (Network) broadcast. The meter and inflection, if not the tone, is similar to Jim Fyffe’s, but the announcer lacks familiarity with the Auburn players — he mentions Bo Jackson, but describes a substitution under center not with a name but as Auburn “going with another quarterback.” (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

We’re assuming it’s Nebraska crew.

You can tell it’s an Auburn home game due to an audible “Waaaaaaaar Eagle, Hey!” during the second half kick off. But the only other context clue is the score of a game read between downs: “At the half, Oklahoma 10 – Iowa State 3 in the league opener.”

That would almost certainly make the date October, 2 1982, the day the Sooners beat the Cyclones, 13-3. Which means that the disaffected youth of Costa Mesa, California — director Penelope Spheeris thought it easier to teach local punks (including a young Flea) how to act than actors how to act like punks — aren’t listening to Bo Over the Top as they harass their lower-middle class oppressors, but Auburn on it’s way to a 41-7 drubbing by the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Question: Why?

Answer: We have no idea.

Punk rock.

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