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  1. Perhaps it is a broadcast recording from the Nebraska network. Doubtful they would of been able to identify who the AU back up QB was and they would be the only ones that cared enough to announce the OU/ISU score at that time.

  2. My husband and I were living in Minnesota in 1982 and drove 9 hours to meet my folks in Lincoln, Nebraska to attend that game….we sat in the pouring down rain but even at that, it was still good to see the Auburn Tigers in action (at the time, we hadn’t seen a game in person and only a limited few on TV since 1979.) Our Minnesota friends could not believe we were going to drive 9 hours to see a college football game; I just told them, “It’s an Auburn thing, you wouldn’t understand”.

  3. The guy in the yellow sweater looks so much like Michael Emerson aka Benjamin Linus from Lost, sounds a little like him too. According to Emerson’s first film appearance was in 1990 but maybe he went uncredited…

  4. Cathy, if I’m not mistaken you’re thinking of the 1981 game which was in Lincoln and which Auburn played them very close. The 1982 game, which was Bo’s freshman year, was in Auburn and we got beat 41-7.

    I’m not 100% sure but I think Auburn’s lone touchdown was indeed a “Bo over the top”.

  5. The 1982 game was in Auburn–I was in the Auburn Marching Band so I was there. The 1981 game was in Lincoln–Auburn actually had a 3-0 lead (at halftime, maybe??) but the Huskers came back to win either 17-3 or 14-3. It was a “moral vistory” you might say but the next year when everybody thought Auburn might actually have a chance was an embarrassment.

  6. I saw this movie about 4 or 5 years ago for the first time, and TOTALLY picked up on that. “Auburn Offense” completely caught my attention. I rewound it several times to make sure I heard it right.

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