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  1. Why a second banner for these players? They already got one on the side of the stadium. Surely we have more players that could go on the end.

  2. Mike, I agree! I miss the old busy collages of the all americans and Auburn legends that made Auburn what it is today!!! All these individual awards are kind of boring imo.. Three of them already get their own statue PLUS the murals which are the exact same as the pictures around the scoreboard. The old murals were badass and now all we do is recognize the people that already get all the recognition when the other players deserve just as much.

  3. Zeke Smith! Fairley! Rocker! God, it’s beautiful.

    Wow, we had Fairley and Rocker, student and teacher, last year. And now look … they’re both on the side of the dang stadium! War Eagle!

  4. Cam’s banner should be the pic of him leaping into the end zone in the 1st South Carolina game.

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