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  1. Byrum was an amazing, clutch kicker, and deserves lots of praise, but… I just wish Dyer had gotten in on the previous play. A photo of a kick is just not very exciting to me, compared to — for example — a photo of Dyer stretching the ball over the goal line if that had been the final championship-winning play. I would’ve definitely bought a print of that.

    Also, I’m a huge fan and went to every game in 2004 (and every game for the last 17 years) but I have no idea what play that 2004 photo represents. Seems kind of a boring photo to me at first glance. Maybe I’m the loner here and just have weird taste, but I miss all the “busy” collages that showed so many more scenes and emotions. Maybe “clean and simple” (and bland) is the new in-thing. haha

  2. The 2004 picture is Courtney Taylor in the LSU game. He had 2 huge catches toward the end of the game.

  3. Okay, if I could edit, I would retract the words “(and bland)” from my comment above as that is stretching it a bit. Regardless, it is exciting to be getting new, more colorful photos on the stadium.

  4. Ahh, thanks Nicholas! Well that was the only truly close game of the season, so I guess that makes sense!

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