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  1. Good job, as usual, Ben. When I think of quintessential Auburn Men I think of guys like former Journalism Department professors Jerry Brown, Jack SImms and Mickey Logue. When Jerry was recognized as distinguished Journalism Alum a couple years ago, he talked about Paul Burnett’s profound influence on him and others who had come to Auburn “out of the pea patch.” I wish Jerry’s speech were online somewhere. It embodied what an Auburn Man is all about. It would truly make you laugh and cry.

  2. No surprise that a women’s studies prof defines class so narrowly as “income, wealth, background” and use it to discredit the idea of the “Auburn Man.” Her life’s persuit is victimization and the study there of.

    “Class” has more than one definition outside of the social standing. Cannot a poor person have “class” if he/she is well manored and have a high character?

    But since Auburn is a UNIVERSITY, I think education has some bearing on what an Auburn Man truly is.

  3. Alex P,
    Agreed. Obviously, those guys weren’t referring to economic or social class when they used the word. They were referring to being respectful, well mannered, knows right from wrong, and acts based on that knowledge. Of course we all understood that was what the guys were referring to. Ms. Crocker just missed the mark.

    Good article Ben. I also liked what was on the Pig Skin Pathos about yesterday about never arriving. That may not have been you, but regardless, keep ’em coming.

  4. An Auburn man is a fan of the university; not a fan of a coach. Not a Chiz/Dye/Tub etc fan. They are only well paid caretakers of the spirit of sport. They will move on, we, however remain…….Auburn men and women who pass the spirit down to the next generation.

  5. CD: Thanks. David Housel actually introduced me to Jack Simms at Chappy’s (famous Auburn alum hang out there on the reg apparently). I got his number but didn’t get in touch with him before I wrote the above. A lot of my professors seem to believe Simms is, or was, Auburn journalism.

    Alex P: She was actually very helpful when she found out what I was trying to write. I believe she was trying to make sure I was looking at the Auburn Man from several angles, which I tried to do, not sure how successful I was. I, admittedly, didn’t look at it from an academic standpoint. I thought, and think, of it more as an underlying spirit that goes beyond academics and athletics.

    Her point with the definition of class and character was that the actual definition of those words is “income, wealth, background.” The terms themselves don’t mean much on their own outside the stigma of sports – the “classy” coach, the scrappy team with “character.” She’s a smart lady. I’m sure she knew what Clemmons was referring to.

  6. AuburnAlum05: Thanks. Appreciate it.

    easyedwin: I agree. There is a disconnect when you’re paid to be an Auburn Man. I do, however, believe Tubs, Dye, Jordan, etc. were Auburn men when they coached at Auburn and can continue to be after.

  7. “(An Auburn Man) sticks with Auburn through thick and thin,” Housel says.

    But did Auburn stick with Tuberville through thick and thin…….? That is what concerned me.

    And yes I am happy with current situation and also agree that an Auburn Man is fan of the university, not a fan of a coach. But what happened did not feel like it was the right thing for an Auburn Man to do.

  8. sinclair,

    By that logic, we could very well still have Doug Barfield as football coach. They are paid to do a job and when it goes south that job is in jepardy. The Auburn Man should get no free pass. He should be held to a higher standard – both in performance and in character.

    That reminds me of the Bobby Bowden situation and how some try to argue that he’s earned the right to quit when he decides to. It’s ridiculous to suggest because that means that he can run the program as far into the ground as it will go. You only earn the right to quit on your schedule if you quit while you’re still winning.

  9. sinclair – I appreciate what Tubs did for the Auburn program, but spare me the hyperbole. I wish I were so mistreated as Tuberville to be shown the door to a multi-million dollar pay day.

    What’s now obvious is that Tuberville, for whatever reason, didn’t recruit well over the last couple years of his tenure. We are paying for that this season, and likely next. There’s no excuse for us to be in the shape we are numbers wise. Certainly not given the types of resources Tuberville had available to him. Looking back at it, and I too was angry at the time, it might have been best for all concerned to have a parting. I wish Tubs well in whatever he does, and I hope Chizick can get us back to where we were a few short years ago.

  10. I find it odd that David Housel, the quintessentail “Auburn Man,” would go behind another “Auburn Man’s” back (Tommy T) to replace that man under the cloak of darkness, and secrecy. Or, perhaps ironic is the word I am looking for….

  11. David Housel taught a Journalism class back in my day, the late 70s, and as a JM major, I had the displeasure of knowing him. ROTTEN to the core, disgusting man, knew where all the AU skeletons were (are) buried, and I was not surprised when he became AD (as I said, knew where all the skeletons were buried, and therefore, knew how to blackmail anyonr for anything, including the AD job). Wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire, quite frankly.

    And as for the “Quintessential Auburn Man”, I threw up in my mouth when I read that one ! HA ! I tried to sell Tubby out, didn’t he, “good” Auburn man that Housel is – Yeah, right ! A back stabbing SLOB of a man, and only nice to people who kissed his fat ass. Being a rebel to the core, I never smooched the Big Butt, and was therefore not anyone he cared to associate with, but at least I slept at night, knowing I was a true “Auburn Girl”. Still am, to the core !

    And lest you cry “sour grapes”, I was one of Mickey Logue’s favorite students, along with Simms and Gillis Morgan, so I wasn’t hurting for attention from Big Butt in any way. I just told the truth and didn’t kiss asses, and that made me an enemy of D. Housel. Asshole. Jerk. And NO Auburn Man, in my humble opinion.


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