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1947 film of Auburn in orange, green jerseys

1) Oh wow, look at Travelin’ Travis Tidwell go. What a stud!

2) Oh wait, wow, it’s color film of Auburn in ORANGE jerseys!


Those green jerseys? Seems possible. 1947 was only eight years removed from Coach Jack Meagher dressing the Tigers in the colors of his Irish mater for several games during the 1938-39 seasons (much to the vexation of Auburn students). And Meagher himself had only been gone for five years at that point. And Lord knows the Athletics Department was strapped for cash back in the 1940s. Recycling jerseys, whatever the color, for practice probably made good financial sense, especially if they were jerseys that hadn’t been worn all that much.

And hey, I’m sure adding a third color in the mix probably sharpened Tidwell’s decision-making. Do I throw it to the dude in the orange or the white or the green? Oh screw it, I’m running into a crowd of people!

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