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The Photos From The 1986 A-Day Game Will Bo Your Mind

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A Ghostbusters shirt—no, Volbusters. Gold chains. 110 film cameras. Mesh War Eagles hats. Jams. Ocean Pacific. Aubie in sunglasses signing paw prints on schedule posters featuring the curls of Ben Tamburello. Jeff Burger under center for the Blue Team. President James Martin. Pat Dye in his prime. Bobby Lowder in public. And Bo—Bo Jackson, Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson dressed like he’s roadie-ing for Stryper. April 26th was the most Auburn’s Decade of the 80s day ever.

It was the Dye-era picture day. No one forgot. Everyone dressed up. Everyone ordered the package. The class got a pizza party. And a new upper deck. And four in a row. Lord, look at it. Click to enlarge.

AU Archives photos provided by hopefully soon-to-be TWER contributor Orion Stan-Gravois. Follow him on Twitter at @SuiteAuburn.

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