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Photos of Toomer’s Corner Being Rolled in the Early 70s

These never-before-seen photos taken (by the legendary Larry Parker) in either 1972 or 1973. We’re not surely exactly when or after what game. We’re not sure it matters.

What we do know is that absent any post victory traffic control, sitting on cars was almost as much the thing to do as rolling the power lines. And that the oaks were untouched. [Click to enlarge.]

UPDATE: So actually the when of it all does matter. Because if that indeed is a Nixon-Blount headquarters banner over Brightwell Shoes as TWER reader Paul Harris suggests (and it looks to be—12th photo), that means this is (as we were already almost certain of) almost certainly 1972—an election year. And since it’s not the “Punt, Bama, Punt” celebration, the nouveau theory (unfortunately given credence by Sports Illustrated’s recent story on Harvey Updyke) that the tradition of rolling Toomer’s Corner began in earnest when Auburn won the 1972 Iron Bowl (as some sort of hyuck-hyuck toilet paper tie-in to Terry Henley’s “We’re going to beat the No. 2 out of [then No. 2 ranked] Bama” comment) is thankfully—and commonsensically—false. Hooray!

UPDATE #2 : Reader Mike’s obvious solution to the date debate—blow up the date on the one visible license plate, duh:

Unless Mr. Kentucky had been driving around with expired tags for a year, 1972 it is. (Why didn’t we think of that?)

UPDATE #3: Yet another context clue as to the date was suggested to us by old pal Jim Woodall—check the movie listed on the Tiger Theater marquee. After much zooming and enhancing, we’ve determined that the moving picture in question was Nicholas and Alexandra, which was released December 13, 1971.

Auburn theaters were notoriously slow in acquiring new releases… but not two or three years slow. Again, point 1972.

UPDATE #4: Toomer’s Corner’s rolling did not start with ‘Punt, Bama, Punt’, says History.

UPDATE # 5: We found six more.

Now back to the show.

If you see yourself, let us know—we can send you a large version perfect for prints.

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