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  1. ……I didn’t know this! I was working during that game, at a long-gone Birmingham/English village venue called “Wanda Junes.” The game was on mid-afternoon, which is usually slow, even on Saturday, but we were packed, for that game. I was frying the chicken wings!

    …..Honestly, there wasn’t much demand for the kitchen. The crowd was mostly Bama folks, and they were tying one on, at the bar. Aside from the occasional wing order, I’d lurk in a service corridor with a view of the bar TV, and watch.

    ……When Bo went over the top on 4th and one, I had to go out the back door and celebrate! Had no idea what commercial came on after that! “Old Mil.” During my college days, this was what we drank when money was tight.

  2. That is a great story but I have a minor correction. You get stone crabs in the Keys, not snow crabs.

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