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  1. As it goes with all these old school photo’s – we had us some healthy looking cheerleaders in the 70’s. Hubba hubaa! WDE! Probably a friends mom!

  2. I guess I bridge the gap, I was probably at this event-(can’t remember much of that period) but I also have seen Trey and Phish 6 times in the last 3 years.

  3. Something about fir that gravitates! We need to have more pep rallies were we build things and burn them.

  4. I believe the first picture is AU Cheerleader Elaine Barnhill, who, along with current AU student Katherine Webb, was a former (1972) Miss Alabama!

    Now, there’s a story for you! Email me if you would kike other info!

  5. I thought that the Burn the Bulldog parade was for the Mississippi State game. At least it was in the late 60’s.

    But then I am pushing 70 🙂

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