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  1. You do know you read an article from the War Eagle Reader right? An Auburn publication? If something negative about Bama hurts your feelings, why would you be reading any kind of Auburn news? War Eagle!!

  2. AUGrad, To be sure, I most assuredly know what I read and where I read it. Just what did I say “something negative about Bama”?
    Just WHAT “hurts my feelings”?
    Why would I “be reading any kind of Auburn news”?
    Auburn “Golden Eagle” (Graduation + 50 years), Athletic Scholarship Donor (31 years), Samford Society, Engineering Eagle Donor, Alumni Ass’n Life Member here.
    Do you have some kind of an identity problem?
    Go join a blog where you can complain and criticize.
    War Eagle!

  3. The average GPA is nowhere near a 3.78. It hovers down below a 3.0, which show how inaccurate this survey obviously is.

  4. The average incoming GPA is pretty accurate. I’m not so sure about the average “on campus” GPA, but that is fairly meaningless since it’s totally based on “on campus” classes and grading. (If “on campus” GPA is high, there is no simple foolproof way to attribute it to the students being smart, or — conversely — to the classes and/or grading being easy.)

  5. Walker: Fine point.

    Here’s another: All that data was self-reported, and things like GPAs are sometimes erroneous. You want to look smart and so on.

    This is essentially the gist of much of the criticisms leveled annually at these rankings.

  6. I’m liberal, not a football fan, and accept people for who they are regardless of who they love (because it’s a civil right and shouldn’t be a political issue)… and I go to Auburn.


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