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  1. For Auburn fans of a certain generation, like my dad, who grew up during the era when we played (and usually lost to) Tech in Atlanta every year, Georgia Tech was a much bigger rival than Alabama. The Wreck Tech pajama parade was a great tradition. It’s a shame the series was discontinued.

  2. We’ve lost a lot of good yearly rivalries over the years: GT, UF and Clemson.

    I think auburn at one time had more rivals than anybody in the country. Only ND might have more.

  3. Most fans today do not recall when football success in the state of Alabama meant beating the two Georgia schools, not each other. At Auburn, those games were so big they were celebrated beforehand with the Wreck Tech Parade (with freshman boys marching in pajamas to commemorate the track greasing) and the Burn The Bulldogs bonfire and pep rally. Even that other college in Tuscaloosa mentions only those two schools as rivals in their song, something about “go teach the Bulldogs to behave and send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave.” How times have changed.

  4. The Wreck Tech Parade! So much fun. You haven’t lived until you got purple paint rubbed on you by a FIJI freshman or marched to the cadence “Wreck Tech, Wreck Tech, Wreck the Heck out of Georgia Tech!”.

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