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  1. For those that don’t know him…..Fritz Siler is one hell of a nice guy. The least Auburn could do is make a significant contribution to the Auburn Knights Alumni Association. I know Fritz would like that more than anything.

  2. Dear Auburn family,
    I am fortunate to be an Auburn graduate (several times over), and I will always love Auburn University. The love I have for Auburn is the source of inspiration in my creating what became the logo. The students are AUburn. The AU Band, and the teachers we had in the music department, the least of whom were our band directors, gave us life skills. The Auburn Knights gave me practical playing skills, which I badly needed. Contributions to the Dr. Billy Walls Legacy Scholarship (Auburn Foundation), or to the Auburn University Bands, or to the Auburn Knights Alumni Scholarship would be my suggestions. You can make a difference to other students and alumni too. Your thanks and acknowledgement for the logo is humbly accepted in the name of all students who have given so much out of love for our Alma Mater. War Eagle! Sincerely yours, Fritz

  3. Glad that Fritz is getting credit. Last year Stuart Carter (StatTiger on the Inside the Auburn Tigers message boards) had seen some questions about the origin of the AU logo on ITAT to which I had responded telling the story about Fritz. I had played snare drum in the Auburn band (and with Fritz when we both went to Huntsville High School). Stuart contacted me and asked whether I knew anything about where Fritz was now. I told him I did since I still communicate with Fritz from time to time. I asked Fritz if it was OK to give Stuart his info and he said it was OK. Stuart’s article in the Inside the Auburn Tigers Magazine was a little longer and also mentioned the name of the section leader (Ken Smith) and his recollections confirming Fritz’s design. BTW, once in the above article Bodie Hinton’s name is correct and in another it shows “Buddy” Hinton. Bodie was correct. BTW, Fritz played bass drum in the marching band, but he’s a fantastic brass player (trombone, baritone, etc). I think of Fritz every time I see the AU. Most recently on the east side of Jordan-Hare Stadium.

  4. Hey bammer, quit trolling over here on an Auburn site. By the way, we could care less about bammer or anything relating to them.

  5. its we couldn’t care less. and im not trolling. its the truth, auburn stole the interlocking A and U from Alabama

  6. You guys (The War Eagle Reader, specifically) have GOT to write a book about all of these forgotten stories, and I have the title: “Auburn: The Truths Behind the Stories”. Please include every verifiable variation, they are all so good.

    Surely you may use it with my permission without compensation to me. You’re welcome.

    But it would be nice to get a free copy of the book… !!!

  7. Hey, bammer– award yourself a make-believe national logo championship and stfu. If you were dumb enough to fail to copyright or trademark your logo, you deserved to have it stolen. The mystery is how Clemson failed to steal it from us.

  8. I’m glad to see this version of the history of the AU logo. The only version I’d ever seen before was the Jordan & Beard story, which I uncovered in my PhD research project on Jordan-Hare Stadium and which I later recounted in the History of Jordan-Hare web site and in Season of Our Dreams, chapter 2 or 3. It will also be mentioned in our upcoming AU football history book, but now we might need to add this part of the story as well.

  9. we dominate AU in everything so we just felt sorry for ya and let you have a nice little logo for free

  10. Wow– how pathetic to be spending so much of your time cruising around Auburn websites. If only history reflected that what you said was true, but alas, Alabama has not “dominated” Auburn at anything of note in many, many years.


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