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  1. Such a waste of talent.
    If he wants to play at the next level, one more great year at AU would be
    the smart play.
    To transfer to Arky State and sit out a year makes no sense.
    And to transer to I-AA or D II makes even less.
    AU has good depth at running back and will be fine.
    Dyer I am not so sure about.

  2. Yep, I know zilch about what the REAL story is, but Auburn is in a better place than Dyer from this parting of ways. I hope he finds success wherever he ends up and can overcome whatever is making him unhappy.

  3. I am confident Chizik is doing what he needs to do for the betterment of the team. Until I know more, I can only have faith that that is the case.

    With that said however, I will always be a fan of Dyer. I typically am with Auburn’s transfers. Generally, so long as you don’t pull a bunch of garbage like Raven Gray and those guys did last year, you are good in my book and your time with us is appreciated. I mean, who among us doesn’t pull for Brandon Jacobs on Sundays?

    War Eagle, Mike. Best of luck.

  4. Coach Chizik told it straight, Mike has certain things he has to do to rejoin the team.. Apparently he wasn’t willing to do that…….Farewell and best of luck…

  5. I believe that if he wants to leave we are better off without him. I still appreciate what he did for us for the two years he was here.


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