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  1. My dad and I were actually at Curly’s in November so I was excited for a second, then I realized the guy was wearing a jersey so I knew it was neither of us since we’re both of the opinion that no grown man should wear a jersey. I did sport an Auburn t-shirt and hoodie around Green Bay, though. Great place.

  2. What is it with a certain segment of football fans and their proclivity to admonish other fans who wear the jerseys of their favorite players? In every other sport, in every other part of the world, wearing a player’s jersey is a quintessential element of fandom. You only hear it from football fans, and even then it’s usually redneck types who were the Uncle Rico of their tiny town’s high school team, and not much of anything else after that. “No grown man should wear a football jersey because you don’t know what it’s like to almost win State by one point.”

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