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  1. Interesting. We have one all-purpose Bulldog for both MSState and UGa; Vanderbilt is not important enough to even get a mascot into the mural; there are apparently two (count ’em) AU Tigers available (or maybe a cousin is chasin’ Col Reb); and why is Col Reb in the background at all? Shouldn’t it be Admiral Akbar/Black Bear? Am I the only one who thinks only the ARK mascot really works in this mural? Oh, and slavery, even in KY and LA, has been abolished.

  2. Definitely epic!! I think it’s amazing.

    And Martel, just because pigs are the only thing you like to roast, doesn’t mean we can’t also have roasted chicken, roasted alligator, etc. And they are animals — we can kill them and/or eat them, but we can’t get them to do useful labor?? You might have overthough this one… 🙂

  3. OK, Walker, I will grant that bbq chicken and even alligator are acceptable grilling meats, but dogs??? Don’t try to tell me that Firehouse Deli is a Chinese restaurant! And don’t try to convince me that elephant really tastes like chicken, though I suppose at least that field dressing this particular elephant should be easy since the tusks are looser.

    I see your point about the wildcat and the scraggly looking tiger doing “useful labor,” but they are wearing chains! Oh, the humanity, err animality!

  4. Of course elephant doesn’t taste like chicken. That’s just silly.

    It tastes like spotted owl…

  5. Martel,

    “Tusk-a-Loose-a”–OH THE HUMANITY!!!

    Michael Val
    (who thinks he has gotten his RDA of puns for the next two weeks with this one entry!)

  6. That’s been there for a few years if I’m not mistaken. Never gets old looking at it though.

  7. Is the mural with the elephant’s tale on fire still there–with the Tiger with his foot on the fire hose? That one is my favorite.

  8. Probably for their 2006 season, considering that someone said it had been there since at least 2007.. Vandy wouldn’t be represented since they didnt play vandy that year. and it was before ole miss changed to black bear..Was thinking it was 2004 undefeated season, but they didn’t play Florida or South Carolina that year.

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