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  1. As a woman myself … I am so proud of these young girls being proud of their bodies and not being afraid to push the limits of society. Playboy is NOT repeat NOT hardcore porn. It is not even close. Playboy as a magazine has long been an excellent source of editorial magic. Read about its history during the civil rights movement and writing on topics that your “main stream” media wouldn’t dare to touch.

    Now sometimes it doesn’t help its case existing as some would call a “smut” magazine.

    The girls from Auburn were beautiful, passionate and honestly what else can we ask for from young people these days? We have people who care only about getting a new cell phone so they can tweet about how they hate corporate America in their Mountain High hoodies.

    This has nothing to do with morals. There are auburn fans reciting the creed who have had divorces right? Get over yourselves.

    Well done, ladies. You are beautiful. War Eagle!

  2. Well.. the girl is hot and is any one surprised at what she did ? Why does the SEC alone have all the fun :=) great football…….hot girls…. it is all very unfair I say !


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