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  1. Obviously, the dead guy’s a Bammer thief who stole the sweatshirt on his way over to go steal… whatever it is he was looking for on that fine, Updyke-worthy property.

  2. Hey, if they’ll shoot their on son after a loss to Arkansas, it’s certainly reasonable that they will shoot a guy wearing AU.

  3. “Enough to give a penguin chills” Really? That’s a line in your ‘gangsta’ rap song?

  4. Actually, while it isn’t my favorite form of entertainment, as far as rap goes, this guy grows on you.

  5. I am suing War Eagle Reader to reclaim the 4:01 of my life that was claimed by this video–okay, my time isn’t worth that much, but you get my opinion 🙂

  6. “Don’t make me go” listen to this song ever again. We are not in Yoknapatawpha County anymore.

  7. LOL. I think they need to edit in a few more close-ups of traumatized/confused-looking unattractive people.

  8. thewareaglereader: Thank you for validating my opinion of this video!

    LostHSV: Great reference to Faulkner’s literary county, there! My Senior High School English teacher was/is a HUGE Faulkner fan–I think he would be a little upset at the comparison of Faulkner to this hump here.

    Michael Val
    (who unfortunately and tearfully has to admit that “Don’t make me pop the trunk on you” is one heck of a catchy hook for this song!)

  9. This hating makes me angry. Why oh whyyy do people take the time to write and talk and bash if they dont like what they see? You are giving it attention either way. I dont know about you, but i woulnt want to give someone or something that I didnt like ANY of my time. Youre all hurtin ass haters. Go do something good with yourselves. As much as you might hate his music, hes making a damn good living. If you can say the same, good for you. If not, then dont talk. -Sincerely, a loyal Yelawolf FAN.

  10. nunya,
    I can tell you’re teasin! Cause if you are really dedicated to kumbaya and all that, you wouldn’t revel in a misogynistic, violent, murder-proposing, and thug-glorifying musician, –
    I am glad he’s making a living. And, for his sake, I hope there are more folks like you (claim to be) who can continue to support this “artist.” He’s really quite the nasty little guy.

  11. Nice…*rolls eyes* Cause you know being gangsta is all about rock salt and buck shot. Maybe try a Tec-9, loser.

    yeah, abc…I caught nunya’s irony.

  12. This video and song are both absolutely disgusting. This guy is an embarassment to all people living in the state of Alabama

  13. LMFAO @Dave / cosign – @abc….. I’m sure Nunyabizz has no idea how ironic & ridiculous that little rant makes them appear. I guess it takes one to know one. At least our “hatin hurtin asses” didn’t waste any money on studio time, producers, and on that wack ass video to ‘hate’. The hottest thing in the video was that Auburn Hoodie! No offense, but under those living conditions, forget shooting the trespasser… I’d rather just shoot myself!!! LOL

  14. its funny how all the auburn fans hate…if this dude was an auburn fan shootin a bama fan yall would love it….so dont be hypocritical..and also realize that one man can make a team…..ask the colts

  15. @rooper3 We wouldn’t love it if Yelawolf was an Auburn fan. We might not “hate” on it openly, but I guarantee at the very least we’d just ignore it. And nice logic. Yes one man makes a team. He was just one of 22 seniors on the team, but I guess none of them played, and Cam also put on a number 90 jersey every time we were on defense. Why are you even reading WAR EAGLE Reader. At the same time, I’m not sure how bringing up the “one man” argument here adds to the discussion in anyway, but what do I know. 28-27.

  16. I can’t believe anyone would shoot a buck that small. Damn wanna be farming, ain’t got no college of ag bammers. War Eagle!!!!

  17. Keep it classy, Bammer. Keep it classy.
    And did this guy get permission from either school to use the school images? I find it hard to believe that even UA would allow someone to use their image this way.


  1. […] all, we’re talking about a fanbase that poisons the other school’s oak trees and makes music videos in which Auburn fans are gunned-down from behind. Having a nine-year-old Bama fan declare an interloping Auburn fan “alright,” […]

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