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  1. Gee… I wonder how AU’s compliance department views the T-town Men’s Wear situation. It would appear to me that they clearly believe there was a violation somewhere.

  2. I’ve never done anything remotely like that, but I did not realize it would be illegal. How could anyone prevent fans from doing something like that, when it doesn”t involve the knowledge or cooperation of any players?

    If it’s THAT EASY to get a player or team in trouble, what’s to prevent non-fans or opposing -fans from going to fan day and collecting autographs to sell, either for the money or to intentionally get that player or team in trouble with the NCAA? Sounds pretty simple. Too bad my GPS refuses to take me to tuscaloosa, or I might be tempted to go to their fan day myself… just kidding, of course.. cough cough haha

  3. It’s not “illegal” (i.e. against the law), but if the university knows about it and doesn’t do anything, it’s likely a violation. This note serves as their due diligence.


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