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  1. Lists Cam Newton As Having (Only) Played For Florida? Well…not really. Look up at the top of the back of the card. See where it says college? See where it lists Auburn?

    The stats thing down below is obviously either a careless misprint, or a purposeful misprint designed to make the card an immediately valuable collectible (which in turn is good for Topps as it means that people will be rushing out to buy multiple packs of cards trying to get one of these.)

  2. Huntsville Accountant: Enjoy your exclusive college hockey team & rundown strip malls.

  3. I just pulled this card #97/100 out of a jumbo pack I purchased from Hall of Fame Cards & Collectibles in Potomac MD. WOOO HOOO!! Now I’m trying to figure out what I should do with it.

    Should I…….

    -Get it graded
    -Throw it up on Ebay right now
    -Hold on to it

    Decisions Decisions…………


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