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  1. Van, having a ridiculously large comic collection myself I am in no position to buy yours, but i’d be happy to put them up for auction (or ship them to you so you can get a better price) to help you get there. My collection could easily fetch at least $300-$400. Feel free to respond to the message if you’re interested.

    We should also start a fund to replace that radio you busted! 🙂 War Eagle!

  2. I don’t care one thing about comics, but I may have to start a collection all of a sudden! I am VERY fortunate that my mother is the biggest Auburn fan in the world and gave my sister and me a trip to the game (with her) for Christmas. See you in Glendale!

  3. Thanks, folks, for the kind words.
    Adam– you are vastly too generous and there’s no way I could take you up on that. But I appreciate the sentiment.

    I want to make clear here to everyone that I haven’t been asking for charity– I’m just selling some items to try to raise money to help pay for the trip.
    I appreciate the good wishes very much, too!

  4. Well, crap. I’m too lazy to get rid of them without a good cause. Guess the ol’ complete Infinity Gauntlet mint condition set will collect dust for, well, infinity!

  5. Van, I bought “Seeds of Empire” (books 1-3) back in the day at The Comic Strip in Auburn. I haven’t cracked them open since back then, but I remember enjoying them. And nice cover art!

    I recall your name from grad school but I don’t recall having any classes together… I was in the MPA program at the same time you worked on your masters in poli sci. Those were good years in the political science department.

    I wish you the best on getting to Glendale!

  6. As my friend put it, “sometimes you just have to ignore your inner Dave Ramsey and just go for it”. Its been 53 years since the last one, not going to take a chance on waiting for the next one. Make it happen Van, see you in Glendale.

  7. adam: Hey, I have those issues, too. Great series. (I’ll never sell those! Have to draw the line somewhere!) Starlin is one of my favorite writers.

    Ed: That is awesome! I’d nearly forgotten those. Thanks!!
    I’ve not yet gone back and rewritten that story “professionally,” but (just FYI) Airship 27 last year published my newer “prequel” to it:

  8. WarDamn & Zac: Thanks! (And the alliteration is all Jeremy– he is a headline-writing machine!)

    Sandy: Indeed I am, and proud of it! 🙂
    I’m hoping she’ll get to go, to!

  9. Very cool 🙂 I’m originally from C’burg and know Leesa. She’s mentioned “her brother, Van” on FB and was wondering if you were one and the same 🙂 Small world.

  10. I purchased the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that you had up for auction. I would have purchased more, but I don’t read many superhero comics. Anyways, good luck with your other auctions and War Eagle.

  11. Much appreciated, Tree! Both of the books you’re receiving are very good. The League is always a fun read, and the bonus book is a good old fashioned pulp action adventure from the creator of Hellboy. Enjoy and thanks!

  12. For those who missed the tweet earlier, the auctions ended on Sunday afternoon and we raised enough money to almost cover the price of our two plane tickets.
    From what I’m hearing from other folks, we got a pretty good deal on our flight via United Airlines. My wife’s uncle in Phoenix is putting us up, and may have a car we can borrow. Now that the plane tix are almost covered, we’re really only out of pocket for the cost of the game tickets. So everything’s working out pretty darned well. Thanks, everyone. Stay tuned for my reports and photos once we head out there on Jan. 8!

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