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  1. I seriously cannot begin to explain the joy I feel when I read the comments on the bama site link. My, how the…..err….times have changed lol.

  2. To your asterisk comment: I get frustrated when people talk about the yardage deficit against the Hogs… it’s as if no one noticed that our average starting field position was [around?] the 43, and theirs was [around?] the 23ish. When you factor that out to a 60 minute game that included 11 Auburn scoring drives. If each of those drives were touchdowns (I know a couple were field goals), then that would be a difference of around 220 yards.

    I’m not mathematician, but you get the idea. The yardage differential was misleading and irrelevant. We moved the ball as much, if not more, than they did. War eagle!

  3. If you look at that Darvin dropped ball, it actually hit him in his face…he never even got his hands on it that I could tell. He said in an interview that he lost it in the sun. I’m not sure if that is better or worse than just dropping it…

  4. What matters is average, not an isolated game. Tops in the SEC and what, #6 in NCAA? Don’t tell me Arky (or anyone else in the SEC) is better.

  5. it is weird how similar our season this year is to bama’s season last year. For a state whos professional sports teams are their two major college football teams, it is a really cool situation.

    It is GREAT to be an Auburn Tiger.

  6. Hooo BOY! Am I glad to hear someone else agree with me, albeit not exactly. But I am CONVINCED that this defense is much better than people perceive it to be and it will surprise some people yet this season. My claim originally was that it was going to surprise Bama, but after Saturday, their offense isn’t perceived as what it was earlier in the season. But if nothing else, this defense is going to show some power in our BCS bowl game, whichever one we end up in.

    And it seems that they were experimenting a bit with some new stuff defensively this past saturday. I think EVERYONE is going to be quite surprised with what Ted Roof has in store for us in the next year or two.

  7. Bammer fans want to bench McCelroy! I guess two losses in a career are two too many.

    The dilusions of their own greatness and “birth right” still amaze me.

  8. Don’t read too much into the fact that bama lost to two of those three and barely won the other. They were all road games and we beat those teams at home…not by much save arky. Where they lost two close road games we won two of our by only 3 points. Not defending bama, just saying that homefield means ALOT and we are playing at their place. I’m having bad dreams about julio and trent on screen after screen all game long. But the thought of our O rolling up 400 demoralizing rush yards makes me wake up with a smile! Gotta handle bidness with the dawgs first though. Secondary will have their hands full, so it comes down to you Mr. Fairley. Your mission should you choose to accept it will be terrorizing Aaron Murray ALL DAY! Remember we haven’t beaten UGA in 4 years. Attached is a video of the kind of results I’m expecting from you and your teammates the next few weeks.

  9. TT, I don’t think anyone will argue that beating ‘Bama won’t be the hardest thing Auburn has done all season. Just saying that before, it was easy to see their D standing up to our offense and their offense going nuts on our D. Now, we may still see the second half of that equation, but I’m not sure about the first part. If LSU can pus hthem around like that, in Baton Rouge or not, I think Auburn can manage something similar up there.

  10. Hunter-Gather, you sir are a scholar. Perhaps not a mathematician, but you sure know how to count those numbers. Dubya Dee Eee.

  11. Bad news: Atlanta paper headline (from Fox Sports) is that the reason Cam left U of Fl was that he was about to be kicked out of school for multiple cheating incidences the most eggregious being turning in someone elses work with his name on it. Uhoh.

    I enjoyed the “honk if you’ve sacked Brodie” video. I’ve watched a few Bama games and it seems to me that Mcelroy is the most “sackable” qb in the SEC.

    Just saying’.

  12. I would argue that LSU so much didn’t force their way into that 75 yard TD bomb and the 2 easy FGs (14 points total) buy just pushing our defense slowly down the field. We got beat, but it wasn’t lie boys against men out there.

    The bomb came at bad execution (which is honestly more cause for concern than just getting physically beat) and the two turnovers really did us in.

    The O-line can’t seem to read late shifting on the road very well (something they picked up well with Davis and Johnson last year).

  13. They still finished with 225 yards rushing, TD, nearly all of that in the second half. LSU got started w/ big plays, yes, but they finished the job with a couple of sustained marches. Very little pressure on Jefferson and Lee, too. And Nevis on defense …

    Sorry, I have to stick by my portrayal up there.

  14. If you were to take the song “Bodies hit the floor” and the highlight reel of Auburn this year with monster sacks, Cam, the running backs it would be a you tube mega hit. I just don’t have the technology. All we do is win has all last year stuff.

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