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  1. Having a Pre-game lunch with the mistress of the playcalling cards, Miss Mira. Commentary to follow. Mira says Ole Miss may have prepared for the Elmo, so let’s go with the Taz tonight. (I’m pretty sure both = Cam running for daylight.)

    Fun-ish fact: if we drop tonight’s game, bama wins out but loses to Miss State, & Miss St wins out, the Lil Bulldogs go to Atlanta. Hrmmm.

  2. Checking in from freezing cold Camp Bondsteel. Seriously, the temperature got down to 23 last night, and there is already snow on all the hills and mountains around us. I don’t think AFN is picking this game up, so it looks like I’ll be back to watching the pirated feeds and trying to be quiet so that I don’t wake my roommates. That sucks. But, at least I can still watch the game. And we seem to do the best when I’m sitting here actually watching (I didn’t watch any of the Clemson game (was in the hospital), and missed the first half of the South Carolina game right up until our TD drive. So hopefully I bring the team some good luck whenever I’m here commenting on the gameday thread.

    WAR EAGLE, and GO, GO, GOD2ILLA!!!

  3. War Eagle, Walt! And everyone else. I’ll be trying to hang out here as much as I can during the game.

    I am less worried about Georgia than I was when this game began.

  4. I’m checking in from one of the many places I work at here in Kosovo. Back to my room before too long. I’m watching the GameCast feed right now. I figure 2nd Quarter is when I’ll get to start watching. Looks like Gustav the Mad Scientist of Football’s gameplan was to come out throwing the ball. And it’s worked. I don’t know how Ole Miss got their one huge TD play, but other than that, the game has gone Auburn’s way for the most part. I just hope they can shut down this current Ole Miss drive and push through for another score to go up bigger.

  5. Well, that’s not how you step up, D. Time for the offense to come back and show ’em how it’s done.

  6. Good hold by the D, there. I think we’ll clean up this game if the D can just get a few good stops and the offense keeps pushing. I’m a little surprised that Gustav the Mad Scientist of Football’s plan was to throw this much. But then, God2illa has run so much the past few weeks, so why not take advantage of a suspect secondary and let him try to get a little less of a beating this week and next week? I don’t think we’ll see God2illa running too much unless he has to.

  7. Well, crap. We knew he couldn’t have those sure hands every game all the time. Come on, D. Time to step up.

  8. Heading back to my room now to watch. Hopefully the good luck of me watching the game the past few weeks will hold.

  9. OK, back at my computer in my room in my good luck spot. Glad to see we converted that interception somehow. Sure would be nice for the D to step up big, again.

  10. Just like every other week, we’d be putting this game away if we could just stop giving up the big plays. This brilliant insight brought to you by anyone’s plain eyes.

  11. I’ll take holding them to 3. And with that much time on the clock, we need to push down the field and get 7 before the half, come out in the 2nd half and stick the nail in with another 7. Come on, Tigers!

  12. There ya go Demond!!!!! Wow, he’s good. Now let’s stuff them quick, and get the ball again before the half ends.

  13. You know, Rodney Scott is now again my favorite Ole Miss player. Especially since it looked like he was looking all proud of himself after making that big block on O-Mac while Demond was streaking down the field.

  14. Masoli saved them a bit on that one. I’m glad to see us call timeout when it was clear he didn’t get the first down, though. We need a big punt return and then shove it in.

  15. Why do they need to show the Chizik reception at the airport? Come on Tigers, let’s put this away.

  16. So they’re not going to talk about how Herbstreit said he thought it was a fantastic hire and that Auburn made an extremely smart choice in hiring Chizik?

  17. Good kick, Wes. That pass to Blake should have been a TD. Thrown a bit behind him, but still could have been caught. I’ll take up by 17 and getting the ball back first in the 2nd half.

  18. Good kick by Wes. But man we needed 7, there. We’re bad about coming out strong at first and then going flat on first drives in the second half.

  19. Jerry, that’s very true. I didn’t really think of it that way. I guess I just really want to mudstomp someone.

    And now they’re talking about the road game Tiger Walk. We ALWAYS do that.

  20. What a heads up play by God2illa to slide in bounds rather than go out of bounds. He’s definitely an excellent game manager, too.

  21. Ole Miss throat… meet Auburn’s feet (plural because of how many excellent rushers we have)…

  22. “My name Peggy. You got problem?”
    “This is Houston Nutt. I can’t stop the Auburn offense. I need to speak to a supervisor.”
    “Supervisor is genius. I transfer.”
    “This is Peggy.”
    “COME ON!!!!!”

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