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  1. It’s like being betrayed by your own family member. No… say it isn’t true.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you?!

  2. Old people not understanding young people.


    Music snobs simply being music snobs.

    I love plenty of weird music. My favorite rappers aren’t T.I. and Soulja Boy, they’re Aesop Rock and El-P. Despite this, I enjoy the song. It’s a fun song. It’s not something I would listen to on my own over and over, but hey, it works. It’s something most of the players I’m sure enjoy. It also is played for 30 seconds. Get. Over. It.

  3. I am 37. I had no idea what that song was, I didn’t vote for that either…but it is awesome to see the students into it like that…looks like a blast! All the complainers sound like 40 year olds audtioning to be 70. and that is about as pathetic as you can be.

  4. When the alumni section reacts to their song of choice like the students do during ‘All I do is win’, then we’ll have an argument on our hands. Until then, it’s best to please those who are passionate enough about our football team to stand for the entire game, lead cheers, etc. Not the ones who yell ‘Hey, sit down! Young whipper-snappers!’

  5. Gabe me an you are gonna just have to be together on this one. The other 60000 of us (many of whom wish we were still students) forget what this is really about – students playing a game and their classmates watching. If they like it, if they respond, if it makes them loud, if it’s FUN – then it’s good with me.

    And I’ll give credit where it’s due – these students are much more involved, and have more spirit than my classmates did in the early 90s and then again in 98-99. I’d love to watch a game with them – just one more time.

  6. you guys can yammer back and forth about whether it is about the students or alumni, but I am a current student, and I hate this song.

  7. What we need to be talking about is the hot dogs?

    Are they any better this year? Of course better would mean as good as clean dirt clods on not-stale buns.

    Any food/concession reviews from the first game?

  8. Buzzy, my Coke was delicious. Perhaps it was because my throat was so parched after waiting in the line so long, but it was in the top 5 of most delicious Coke’s I have ever tasted. My M&M’s came in a white bag – quite interesting – and my friends and I debated whether this was so that they didn’t melt as quickly (no resolution). But my hot dog was only mediocre. I’ve made better hot dogs out of cardboard and moldy sausage.

  9. Well, poor little Harry, I recommend sitting down on the bleachers while and sticking out your lower lip when the song/intro is being played while the rest of your student body cohorts stand up and have fun because your taste in music is just way, way better than those other rubes having standing up and having, you know, FUN.

    That’ll show’em.

    (Do you pout when they play “Livin’ On A Prayer” and “Sweet Caroline” too?)

  10. I think it’s great that the students are having fun. The song is fine.

    But we won this game. Ask me again after we lose one and I might have a different answer.

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