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  1. Can you explain what the +140 means? I understand that you bet 100 to win 140, but is that only if the team gets exactly the “line” amount of wins?

  2. WDEwg:

    That’s the payout if your bet wins. A standard bet would be -100 (you bet x dollars, you win/lose x dollars). Technically speaking, +100 is the same as -100.

    Using another example, if you bet $100 on Auburn to win more than 8.5, you would win $110. It’s just a way of evening the odds a little bit to get people to bite.

  3. It means you bet 100 to win 140. So if they have Auburn over 8 1/2 wins at 100, and under at 120, it means they want people to bet the under. i.e. Vegas leans to 9 wins for AU

  4. The +140 means what you said: bet 100 on the over, get 140 if you win.

    This method is a way to compensate for the fact that you can’t come up with an over/under line between say 7 and 8 besides 7.5. Your voodoo prediction calculations may give you a result of “LSU should win 7.15 games this year, with a 65% confidence interval”. You can’t set 7.15 as a line, since it’s functionally the same as 7.5, so you set 7.5, and pay more for the over (you could also set it at 7 and pay more for the under).

  5. So here’s a question- -in the first link, it goes to a website that lists all the schools. For Auburn it says “Over 8 1/2 $100” and “Under 8.5 -$120”.

    With the explanation above, if you take the under 8.5, and you are right- then you get $120. But why would anyone take the over? You’d bet $100 to get back the same $100?

  6. So +110 means Im risking $100 dollars and if I win I get that $100 plus $10. But If I lose the whole 100 is gone. So I risk $100 to make $10, the casino risk $10 to make $100? Looks like I need to be a bookie.

  7. You get your $100 back on top of what you win. So a win at +100 means you double your money. A win at +120 means you double your money plus get another 20% of your original bet.

  8. Oh, ok. That makes more sense. That was originally what I thought, just got a little confused by the explainations.

  9. WDEwg, not quite. -120 means that you have to wager $120 to win 100. It’s a more expensive bet for the gambler, but it’s one that the book feels is more likely to happen than the opposite. (For instance, if you’re betting the moneyline on, say, Auburn vs. Miss. St., MSU would be something like +200 and Auburn -200. See? You wager 100 to win 200 if MSU wins, 200 to win 100 if Auburn wins. See?) $100 even means you bet 100 to double your money.

  10. WBE, I first found this blog from another AU blog and it says Joe Cribbs Carwash. Did you change websites?

  11. Yes, BD, I switched over last August. Same Jerry, same stuff, just under a different banner and without the same Blogger site template I’d been using since January ’06. (Amongst other differences.)

    I miss the JCCW name (as does everyone) but once I’d actually started getting quoted in larger media, I didn’t want anyone to make the mistake that the actual Joe Cribbs was making statements I was responsible for.

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