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  1. I’m with you, Jerry. I happen to think that there may be a silver lining as well. This season would have been a wasted one with or without Frankie anyways. Possibly now, we can get some seasoning for the freshmen, and then bring Frankie into the fold next year. I don’t think it’ll take Barbee long to put a quality product in the Arena. So, perhaps this’ll be a blessing in disguise instead of penance for our sins. WDE…37 days!

  2. Even if he redshirts and it is a blessing in disguise for the future, I think it’s a blow right now. Everybody loves Frankie! We’ll be welcoming 5 new faces to the court… they won’t know us and we won’t know them. The first few games will be like awkward first dates.

  3. Auburn has a basketball team?
    Just kidding, frankie was my favorite. Wish him well on recovery. I would love to have a BB program again.


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