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  1. I think that was the series that he hit the light standard. I think he also had a double later in the series that never got above 8 feet off the ground. The crowd booed

  2. If my remembrance of Hal Baird’s telling is correct it was the first game. *I remember* Baird telling it like this: Heckled in the first at bat, home run into the lights. Heckeld in the second at bat, home run into the lights. Cheered in the third at bat, Roy Hobbsian outcome.

    Also, in my memory of the Baird telling, this was UGa’s first night game.

    But, you know what, even if I’m wrong, I still like the story this way. So it is, in fact, full of truthiness.

  3. I used to work at the AU club and david housel told a story one night about the most impressive homer he ever saw Bo hit. I can’t remember who AU was playing but Housel said the pitcher threw the ball and was holding his followthru when Bo hit the ball. It went under the pitchers arm and was such a lazer shot that it beamed over center field

  4. Saw the visiting Memphis Chicks playing the B’Ham Barons at old Rickwood field. Bo hit a single and was positioned on first. A batter or two later hit a routine can of corn to right field. Bo tagged on the fly and took second base easily beating an on target throw byt he right fielder. Fastest I have EVER seen anyone move from first to second. The ONLY time I have ever seen a runner tag an advance on a simple fly to right. The stadium went into a stunned silence.

  5. I’m a UGA grad who was a student when Bo was attending Auburn and was actually at the UGA-AU baseball game mentioned above. It was the first night game in UGA baseball history – the lights were newly installed and Bo out on the most impressive hitting display I’ve ever witnessed. His first HR reminded me of the Natural scene because it hit the top of the light pole in dead center field and was still rising when it struck the lights and bounced back into the outfield! I remember him hitting 3 home runs and double plus we walked him once and he scored from first base on a single to left field. I remember the last home run was very entertaining because we had a bunch of fans sitting on Kadzu hill just beyond the right field wall who had been heckling him all game long. You could see him turn his hips and intentionally direct the ball towards them and send everyone scattering – LOL. After the game, I told people that if Bo played football over baseball, he was crazy because the guy was an amazing baseball player. I’ve witnessed some amazing UGA sports moments, but that night game at Foley Field ranks in my top 5!

  6. I was there sitting on a cooler outside the field down the 3rd baseline. In his first at bat, we heckled Bo with ” Shake it Bo, shake it” as he stood in the batter’s box and shook his rear end as he prepared for the pitch. He grounded a routine ball to the second baseman who threw him out by barely an eyelash because he was incredibly fast down the line. In his second at bat, as he stepped in, we heckled again, “Shake it like you did last time Bo”. A pitch or two later, as we continued to berate him fueled by knothole beer, he stroked a drive that resembled a backspin rising golf shot that was still climbing as it hit the brand new lights at the top of the centerfield standard. Stunned silence, then cheers from everyone including us knotholers. Sportwriters the next day called it “the hardest hit ball ” they had ever seen. I left a Bo fan even though I did and do despise Auburn.


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