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  1. Waitwaitwaitwait wait wait wait wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… wait.


    You’re telling me the people at RBR can READ?

  2. General grudging dislike of Bear Bryant!!! I take back everything praiseworthy I said about you! I kid. I wasn’t serious when I said any of it anyway.

    Thanks for popping in at Roll Bama Roll with the book review. It was a great effort and hopefully underscores the one point we both agree on about the series… it’s IMPORTANT. And, every so often, it’s worth reminding ourselves why.

  3. Another great book to check out is, “The Uncivil War: Alabama Vs. Auburn, 1981-1994.” It was co-authored by two of my favorite people, Will Collier (who also writes the ‘From the Bleachers’ blog: and Scott Brown.

    War Eagle!

  4. Totally, Xavier. I’m certainly not endorsing this book as some sort of end-all, be-all; it just happened to be the book Kleph asked me to review.

    And I think everyone here knows who Will is, right? Not that another plug for FTB is ever a bad thing, of course …

  5. My grandfather was at the 48 and 49 games while he was a student. Over 50 years later he would still talk about bama missing that extra point.

  6. I was at the ’69 game, my fourth. After the beatdown in ’66, the heartbreaker in the tornado in ’67, and the second heartbreaker in ’68, the win was an unbelievable catharsis. To watch our boys hang 49 on Bear’s team (I must admit I booed with the rest when Shug didn’t go for two after Frederick’s TD) is still one of the greatest college football experiences of my life. By the way, Sullivan was only a sophomore that year; the Heisman was two years away.

  7. I grew up hearing from my dad about the 49 Iron Bowl and how the API students spent several hours tearing up stadium cushions at Legion Field afterwards.

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