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  1. The Hockey team (I’m pretty sure) got approved at the last SGA meeting to be a club level team. They would play at the Columbus (GA) civic center (which does have a pretty rabid fanbase with the Cottonmouths). Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State and Vandy all have teams. UA-Huntsville actually made it to the Frozen Four last year and will be the “host” school at next years Frozen Four in Tampa.

  2. UAH are actually beasts at hockey. Like, apparently the whole D-II conference they were in here in the south pretty much dissolved from lack of interest and money, but UAH was just too good to stop playing, so they moved up to D-I and don’t have a conference and are just like the Notre Dame of hockey, and they’re still dominating folks.

    I always wondered what it would be like at a college hockey game. Like, is there a student section? When exactly do they cheer? But, whatever, hockey will never get the true college atmosphere unless games are on campus……. We should definitely put a rink in Beard Eaves.

  3. AO, I went to several Michigan hockey games while I was in Ann Arbor and the atmosphere there–supposedly the best for college hockey in the country–was electric, akin to a high-level college hoops game. Lots of chanting from the student section (much of it obscene), a pep band, halftime dancing, students in penguin outfits, energy throughout the arena, etc. Would be hard to replicate at Auburn (would take years to get even half of that) but it’s possible.

    UAH did dominate D-II before being forced to move up to D-I, but it’s not accurate to call them the Notre Dame of hockey. They didn’t want to be independent–their conference dissolved after this year. Travel expenses are going to be crazy, it’s goign to be crazy difficult to get into the NCAAs, their records have been pretty bad the last couple of years. The program’s in danger of folding from what I understand.

    Kevin, maybe they’ve got a club team that advanced to the club Frozen Four, but UAH was eliminated in the first round of the NCAAs this year by Miami of Ohio.

    All of this is not to say Auburn shouldn’t have a club team if Columbus will let them play there.

  4. Sorry not the actual Final Four teams in the Frozen Four. Still, UAH made it to the playoffs (granted they got the automatic berth from a conference in its last year that only had 4 {maybe 3 teams}) Still, making it to the Hockey Postseason has to be a plus for UAH.

  5. Obscene chanting? Pep bands? Halftime dancing? Penguin outfits? Sign me up.

    And thanks for the correction. I’m not gonna act like I know what I’m talking about with UAH, cause I don’t. I just know that their conference got dissolved, but I thought they were better than first round exits. I was wrong.

    Stuff like this always makes me imagine the future, 30 or 40 years from now, where all sports are huge thanks to generation after generation of ESPN-fed kids. It’s like eventually every sport is going to be popular at every school, including stuff like hockey and, more off the wall, stuff like arena football. That’s a world I one day want to live in.

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