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  1. Oh, good lord… not the Chick-Fil-A opener thing again.

    Look, I’m a season ticket holder. Have been since 1985. I pay a lot of money for those tickets.

    I do NOT want to sacrifice one of my beatiful Saturdays in Auburn for a meaningless game against UCLA. And, yes, a game against present day UCLA is meaningless in the sense that if Auburn wins, well we’re the SEC and we’re “supposed to”, but if Auburn loses, well AUBURN FROM THE MIGHTY SEC LOSES TO PAC-10 ALSO-RAN! Its heads-we-can’t-win-tails-we-lose.

    If UCLA wants to drive on down I-85 to The Plains, sweet… I’m stoked for that. But I would be pissed to have to give up a great weekend in Auburn for the hell-hole that is downtown Atlanta.

  2. Yeah I prefer to have my bowl games AFTER the season, thanks. Just schedule a home and home. Do you really think the West Virginia game would have been what it was if it was in Atlanta? (… Well obviously, the rain wouldn’t have been a factor but that’s not…. You know what I mean.)

    Also at around the 2:40 mark of that Antonio interview, he mentions something about a younger brother of his signing to play defensive end with Auburn?? Did I miss something??

  3. To offer an opinion on an Atlanta game

    Given the high number of Auburn fans and alums in Atlanta, I think it would be good for the school to offer them a game in their backyard every once in a while.

    And yes, the money, exposure, and…oh yeah, RECRUITING… are all big things that would be very helpful.


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