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  1. My question is, how long has this pass-heavy spread been at Texas Tech? I thought Leach brought it along, but everybody’s acting like it’s a 200 year old tradition and the new coach “better” run it.

    Is a change REALLY that discouraged down there, or are the talking heads just talking just to talk?

    I don’t even have an opinion on the whole matter. Tubs hung us out to dry and I hate him for it, but I can’t just wish that he never gets employed ever again. At the same time, I never liked Texas Tech either… Or at least their logo. WNBA logos look more masculine — They’ve got that big T and then the little bitty baby T under it… But anyway.

  2. Disappointing to see TWER continue in their belief of the poor-ol-Tommy-would-have-been-OK-without-those-meanie-trustees conspiracy theories.

    Good lord.

  3. AubOrange – I think fans in Lubbock are kinda “meatheads” when it comes to their football watching. I think if they won a game but scored less than 21 points, they’d be bored out of their minds. They don’t appreciate running the ball or playing defense there (as in Lubbock, and the Big-12 South overall), so I think it would be key for Tubs to keep the same offense. They’re just not used to low-scoring games…

    Best wishes to Tubs.

    Anyone hate Greg McElroy more after tonight? He sure is a douche.

  4. tiger7_88,
    I was speaking for myself here and not the entirety of TWER. But it isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s fact. Tommy Tuberville for the years after 2003 (possibly before) was undermined my some power boosters and trustees. You don’t think that is the case? Why do you think that there are a lot of people (myself included) that can’t wait for 2011to arrive. Other than, Auburn might have a great football team by then, it will also signify the end of trustee Robert Lowder’s term on the board. A lot of good people fought hard to impose term limits on the board. Although it might have been more of an effort to limit Lowder and others’ reach into Auburn athletics more than limiting undue influence over other educational aspects of the university, it was a noble and successful push.

    I am and always will be a fan of Tommy Tuberville. And yes, if you think that the schism between him and the board didn’t affect his performance, didn’t affect his coaching, didn’t affect the Auburn Family, then I think you are sadly mistaken.

    I thought that I also pointed out in the above article some of Tuberville’s shortcomings in the ed. notes. No one is without fault. His loyalty to some assistant coaches, yes, was maddening. And I acknowledge he left us in a lurch this year and probably next because of his recruiting. But I believe wholeheartedly that him not having the proper support structure in place, afforded most coaches in the SEC, contributed to a lot of his problems. So yes, Tuberville had powerful enemies.

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