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  1. Dad was a beast w/ the Falcons. I think Buddy starred w/ ATL during the brief period when SI had an actual “Falcons: The next dynasty?” cover. Big hitter, hard nosed, tough guy.
    Hope the kid got some or all of that.


  2. Thanks for bringing this back this year Jerry. It’s perhaps my favorite of all the old JCCW features. Hope you get to do it for all the recruits, love going back and reading the ones from last recruiting class, especially ones like Darren Bates. Keep it up!

  3. My pleasure, Weagle. Wish I’d been more enthusiastic about Bates, but I did at least note that he had a lot of factors (Tennessee offer, ‘Bama interest, Olive Branch coach guaranteeing his success, etc.) that suggested he was better than his ranking.

  4. Speaking of rereading the old entries, any chance you could fix those links? During the long, cold, dark days of the off-season I like to go back and read about some of the players that red-shirted this year.

  5. I saw Curry play in person yesterday in the Georgia AA state final. He scored both of Buford’s touchdowns – one on a short run and the other on a pass play. Had a number of tackles on the defensive side too, and was named MVP of the game I believe. This kid is used to winning.


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