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  1. FWIW -the Atlanta paper is reporting that UGA IV (the bulldog mascot) suddenly died of a heart attack.


  2. Good recap. Painful to relive, but good recap. I worked hard not to get my hopes up for this game, but then Auburn went and started fast and got me all excited. Kind of a microcosm of the season trajectory, in a way. Except that 7-5 is a happier ending than the Georgia game had, even if I’m seriously dreading next Friday.

    Just wait, though. I’ll find some way to talk myself into getting my hopes up for that one, too. Bunny-level fear or not.

  3. A confluence of things lost this game.

    -The Toro Injury

    – The would be pick that could have hit the ground or floated into a DB’s arms just as easily as it landed on a UGA receiver.

    -The Trott hold that cost us a 1st down and set up the 1st INT.

    -The Fannin drop (though I don’t think he has a shot at making it with the Rambo hit unless Todd throws it 10″ or so higher)

    -Ziemba’s false start

    Going into the game Davie said UGA had “no margin for error”, but I was thinking that applies to AU more since we are thin as a kleenex on a defense that gets little to no rest whether the O scores or not – so it better be scoring.

    If we can get this offense to cut down on the mental errors (which I expect next year after a year with the system) and/or get some depth on D (a little longer off) we may have something special.

  4. Jerrry, I just noticed this. With Alice Frassa as a WBE contributor, why do you have a Snorg competitior’s banner ads on the sight? Especially since their head model is, shall we say, a little old to pull off the snarky shirts.

  5. What the heck happened with that throw to Ziemba? If it was a called play, then why was he ineligible?

  6. I’m honestly not sure, Walter–I don’t think he was covered up and lined up on the line of scrimmage–but I’ve read a couple of places that he would need to check in with the refs as “tackle eligible” and didn’t.

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