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  1. Amen brother! I’m so proud of this football team. They have come so far this year and it has been a pleasure watching them grow. 2010 is going to be full of huge expectations! Can’t wait for these last two games- what can I say, I’m a southerner and I love gravy!!!

  2. Not that you are looking for more support to through in your folder for why this team is not your 2008 Oldsmobile- -but the fact that AU came out and throttled Furman, and the starters earned their rest yesterday in the first half – – as opposed to sputtering and struggling to finally put away UT Martin last year- -well, it was refreshing to see.

    Aside from Todd’s first long completion to Trott, in which he was open for minutes before Todd found him, and then that ball should have been picked- -all other decisions and throws seemed on time, on target, and with some zip. And the other thought on the Trott deal might have been that Trott’s route was the fifth progression, so although obviously open to us in the stands- -perhaps the play was designed to go there as a last option. To which I say to CGM- -umm, maybe move that route up to progression 2 or so, as it was open against Ole Miss too.

    Last thing- -I was equally as excited to watch the second half as the first (mainly offense)- -just to see the young guys running the offense with Caudle at the helm. He looked pretty good, I’d say. One throw fitting it over the LB and in front of the safety to Benton- -pretty ball. Also, the nice run and catch by Lutzenkirchen (sp) was a nice throw on time, and Lutz made a nice running catch that I’ve seen Trott drop a time or two (or eight).

    I’m still confused on Gulley- -is he a WR or a DB? But the kid has some wheels.

    It was nice to watch the game with no anxiety, no gnashing of teeth. That will start again this Saturday.

    Any more definitive news on Stallworth? I sorta feel like our best opportunity to get infor is from Quentin Riggins during the game if a trainer slips up and says something. After that, he goes in the “day to day” bucket in Chizik’s pressers and we get nothing.

  3. Game observations;
    In the second half, the first team d was coaching up the subs on the side during time outs.
    FU was actually HAPPY with their team’s game. I thanked them for coming to Auburn and they said “your welcome.”
    Christian {hc queen} does food bank work. Thus the “band on Christian” stickers. Congrats to her.
    The fly over was WIMPY. Late arriving and no jet noise at all.
    The radio play by play crew lost 5 plays while Kicker ran commercials.
    The words to the alma mater were not on any e-message boards ANYWHERE !!
    We had a blast with our first Tailgate guys canopy on the green

  4. BTW. Bama plays Chattanooga in 2 weeks – a team Furman beat 38 to 20. So, before the Iron Bowl, we’ll get a look at how much better Alabama is than the team that’s 18 points worse than the team we just beat by 32.

  5. Elvis, the only problem with that kind of comparative analysis can be summed up with three letters: LSU.

  6. Not to be a negative-nelly, but why don’t we line up 11 for the block on punts? The results couldn’t be much worse than what we get otherwise.

    The crowd was awesome for a game of that caliber. Probably as much to do with having the weather cooperate for the first time in weeks, as to anything else. Gorgeous day for football.

  7. Smyrna
    I’d say it was a combo of the weather, a desire to see the backups as a semblance of what to expect next year, and then just the fact of sitting through so many low scoring games over the past few years (and 08 in particular)– folks are still giddy to watch us score touchdowns.

    Even if that last part doesn’t describe lots of fans, it sure sums up why I stayed until 0:00 on the clock.

  8. I would have stayed for the entirety, too – but the 8 month old (from the first photo contest) wasn’t quite ready for an entire game. He loved his first quarter+, though.

  9. It was a hard ticket Saturday, there were people everywhere holding fingers up and no one holding up tickets. Very surprising for homecoming.

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