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  1. Wow. This just made me want to wear pads and a helmet to work for the rest of the week. Well done, sir.
    Think we could get an audio clip of this being read by Morgan Freeman played over a loudspeaker from Samford Hall Friday morning? I’ll chip in.
    War Eagle, fellas!

  2. Well written Jerry. I was thinking the other day that it was at least going to be nice to not have to worry about high expectations for the Iron Bowl. You put it in words alot better than me. This really gets me enthused about this week. Keep it flowing. If we can make some plays, the crowd will help carry this team Friday. We have to believe.
    War Eagle.

  3. Great post. I also am going into this one with an “applaud anything positive; don’t get to broken up by anything negative” attitude. Bama’s the toughest team we’re gonna face this year. If they look like anything less than that Friday, we’re making progress.

    Also, go ahead and use “we.” Chizik made it ok we he gave us fans the game ball after West Virginia.

  4. I only have one thing to say about this great post. There is one thing that will make it suck hard enough to make me cry about this came if we lose…..

    If the score is greater than 36-0, then they will have sufficient ammo to make me angry all damn year.

    Please let us score at least 14. Please hold them to less than 35.

    I’m gonna do this early, at risk of being spectacularly wrong…..

    Alabama 21 – Auburn 24

  5. Doesn’t Alabama need to win to stay in the MNC hunt? If so, doesn’t that make this a “must win” for them? Otherwise, I agree with you 100%.

    What is the over/under on number of trickish plays we’ll see from Malzan Friday? (I mean, more than the usual amount.)

  6. Time to invoke that Airborne spirit:

    “To the German Commander,


    The American Commander”

    GEN Anthony McAuliffe, December 22, 1944


  7. Jerry, I love reading your stuff but have to respectfully disagree here. First, any season that includes losses to Arkansas, Kentucky, LSU, Georgia and Bama and the only big wins are over the mrs and a UT team (that lost to the mrs) is just not a good or memorable season for me. It is definitely better than the season of DEATH but still a tough one for me. Second, losing to Bama stinks no matter what the circumstances may be. I will be down there and if they win and start that @#$# cheer in our stadium then I don’t think there is any way I am going to enjoy this one…

  8. Jeff, you’re more than welcome to disagree with me, and if this wasn’t Gene Chizik’s first season Auburn had the kind of talent they usually do, I’d be agreeing with you. If this is 2003 or 1987 or 1995, you’d be right; the wins Auburn has would not cancel out the losses.

    But this isn’t any of those years. This is 2009, and the expectations have to be different. This season, really, isn’t even about this season: this season is about undoing the damage of the end of the Tubby era, getting things moving forward again, returning a sense of optimism to this program. The important questions this year weren’t “how many games will they win?,” it’s “Is Gene Chizik a quality head coach?,” “Will Gus Malzahn’s offense be viable at Auburn?,” “Are the players responding to the new staff?,” and, of course, “How well will Auburn recruit?”. The answers to all of THOSE questions has been nothing but positive, and to be dissatisfied with this season makes even less sense, to me, than Tide fans being dissatisfied with Saban’s 6-6 mark. Barring an utter disaster Friday, this seaosn, to me, is an unqualified success.

    Now, as for the cheer you mention … yeah, in the event that happens, there’s no way to enjoy THAT. But a) they’re such a heavy favorite they’re really going to have to pour on the margin of victory to make it anything but silly b) when it’s over, there will still be the matter of congratulating our seniors on their careers and this season. That, you can enjoy, right?

  9. I take exception to not using “we” when talking about all things Auburn!
    Not only has Chizik given us the game ball, but Coach Dye sent the players back out to thank “us” for our undying support.
    Go ahead Jerry, say “we” and say it with pride. Just like “we” say..



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