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  1. I hear from tons of Bammers and other teams’ fans, that this is their favorite Auburn blog to read. That means one thing: you are too negative about Auburn and give their teams too much credit, i.e. “We can be honest about this: Todd ought to already have, like, at least three more interceptions this year”
    That’s not real, that’s safe, no-lose, whatever you want to call it. You try your hardest to say we aren’t good without actually saying it, so if we lose, you were right, if we win, no one cares because we won. You play this off as “real”, but it’s all about no-lose.

  2. Uh … I said that about Todd because he’s thrown into coverage more than once and because you don’t throw as often as Todd has while throwing a single interception without a certain amount of luck. That’s it. It has nothing to do with whether I think the team is good or not, which, hey, thanks for overlooking the parts where I rave about Tate, McCalebb, Adams, Todd, etc. for the brief statistical claim that’s slightly on the negative side.

  3. Just wanted to say this is by far my favorite read of the week out of any website and any articles period, mainly because of the little things you comment on after certain plays. Which is about half the time what im really thinking but dont want to say. About sometimes showing negativeness, when you have so much emotion tied into a game its hard to be positive after every play and I lose it sometimes whhen the other team gains two yards but it took longer than expected to bring the guy down. Keep up the good work, its nice to have funny stuff to read when i don’t feel like studying.


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