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  1. Life isf good at Auburn…3 months ago we didn’t have a QB, we were picked last in the Western DIvision and we had one All-SEC player somewhere on the 2nd or 3rd team. We had to replace most of the defensive line, lost our safety to an achilles injury, were hoping some incoming Freshmen would give us a couple reliable pass receivers, had about six guys called offensive linemen, etc. Now people are complaining because we didn’t win big enough against the Vols. Yep…life is good in Auburn.

  2. I recognize that picture. It’s from Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man – one of the early ones featuring the White Tiger. Awesome selection. I love it when comics and football crossover.

  3. Oh, wait. Nope, the images is likely from the “Deadly Hands of Kung Fu” series that spawned the superhero (and Spider-Man ally) White Tiger. Still, a nice find.

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