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  1. Jerry,

    Love the new writeup/grading style. Excellent way of truly “seeing” the game as a whole.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Jerry, I told my dad during the game at halftime that Herring was NOT a SEC caliber linebacker. He was not in the picture on some plays. I was surprised to read the positive news stories this week from his play. Everyone loves a feel good story, but we need Freeman ASAP. Herring will be picked on against a good team. Love the site Jerry. Longtime reader, but I seldom post. I look forward to your daily analysis. War Eagle.

  3. Jason, thanks for the support. I don’t criticize players lightly (or at least I do my very best not to), but I have to agree with you on this one.

    AE, I appreciate the suggestion, but I’m not sure what you mean by “relying on memory.” I don’t chart the game live; I’m way, way too pumped up/nervous/sometimes buzzed for that. I DVR it and chart on the second viewing. Sorry if I’m missing your point.

  4. Great job Jerry. Did you happen to notice how often (if at all) we used the “pistol”. Just curious. Thanks.

  5. Marcus, I don’t think we used it in its traditional form–i.e. QB in shotgun, running back stationary another 3 yards behind him–at all. IIRC the only times backs went behind Todd were when they were in motion from one side to the other. But I’ll keep an eye out this week.

    Honestly, I’d rather Malzahn not mess with it–my personal feeling is that we need to get the Wildcat more consistent before we start screwing around with other wacky formations.

  6. I agree with Jerry & Jason about Herring. It’s both expected and forgiveable that he didn’t play well (given the lack of practice reps), and his availability was essential given our lack of depth at the position, but that doesn’t equate with either outstanding or acceptable play by any means. The kid is going to get a lot better and shouldn’t be written off so early. But the media hacks have done him a disservice, in fact, with these baseless stories about a break out performance. I guess the facts can’t get in the way of a good story. And you can’t call it a “feel good” story if you write, “We wasn’t expected to play, Auburn really needed him to play, he played (!!!) … but then his play was marginal at best. hoooray.”

  7. Very nice Jerry – and I couldn’t agree more on Herring. I would describe his play as “tentative”, which unfortunately won’t work this weekend. Coach Chizik’s body language last night at Tiger Talk indicated El Toro won’t be with us tomorrow – and Anthony Dixon will be – UGH, UGH!


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