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  1. i love bo…..i love bo…….i love bo……..i love bo

    first we take their dog, then we take their women.

    ugh, vol-girls, i’ll go back to the dog.

  2. Take our women, but leave our dog alone!

    I love the post and your blog – keep up the good work. I have included a report on the tragic abduction and brainwashing on my blog.

    Vols in the Fall

  3. As a Bama fan, I’m obligated to ask, does your T-shirt mean you’re living in the past?

    Just askin’

  4. Am I supposed to burn it or something? Like an old flag? Naw dude! We got the five plus one! We can still wear ’em. (Also, we’re going for 5 in a row vs. Tennessee don’tcha know? I thought it was apt.)


  1. […] Don’t let the dazzling graphics fool you: hypnotizing Bluetick hounds is pretty easy, as long as you have something covered in fur or feathers and can shake it at them. (Like Ed Orgeron, they’re quite excited by animal pelts.) Clay suggests Malzahn is the coordinator hire of the year thus far, and arguing would be difficult, especially in light of Tennessee’s defense already being pretty good when Monte Kiffin took over. […]

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