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The Auburn AUghts: Tubby

"Thomas Hawley Tuberville" is the name of a man chopping wood outside a prairie cabin, happy with the warm burn in his shoulders, oblivious to the black clouds hung with snow in the distance. He could see them if he took the moment to look up from his work, but the sledge feels good in his hands and the maul sings in the wood and he doesn't.

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I Believe in Auburn… and Lubbock: Tuberville takes Texas Tech job, space-time continuum in jeopardy

TWILIGHT ZONE, Universe (TWER)-- Earlier today, Tommy Tuberville flew over the radar-screen cotton fields of West Texas en route to a new job and a new life, just like I did 16 months ago, a teary-eyed decision that cost me a press pass to SEC Media Days, inspired blog posts titled “Loveliest Village of the Llano Estacado” and the original “I Believe in Auburn… and Lubbock” and which has apparently opened a worm hole.

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