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Google surveys the recruits: Michael Dyer

By the time a recruiting cycle ends, and certain recruits that were locks have gone places they weren't supposed to and certain studs have wound up looking far less studly and Recruit X's signing has made former must-get Recruit Y superfluous, there's always going to be an avalanche of ironies. Fans get so excited about whatever shiny four-star gets dangled in front of them that there almost have to be. One of the biggest of the 2010 cycle for Auburn: Michael Dyer was a bonus.

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Krootin’: the Offensive Overview (plus numbers)

The early signing deadline is behind us with all five available "back-counting" slots filled and there's only a few weeks of fervent recruiting remaining before Signing Day... seems like a good time to take one last deep breath, look around at where Auburn stands with their 2010 recruiting class, and make a guess at what's going to happen as Chizik and Co. sprint to the finish line (starting with this weekend's serious crop of visitors).

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