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We’re coming for our classic logo, LSU

…and we’re going to trademark your ass. Did you see something AUsome? Weird? Today? Whenever? Send it to us at [email protected] Related: LSU women love an Auburn Man. … Keep Reading: * The truth behind the 1988 Auburn vs. LSU “Earthquake” game * Five Auburn coeds featured in Playboy’s “Girls …

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The LSU recap, half the second

We’re picking up where we left off. I’ll try my best to keep this as quick and painless as possible. THIRD QUARTER –Auburn “kicks off” the second half with a pooch kick fielded by one of the LSU up-men at the home team’s 36. The LSU up-man then returns it …

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The LSU recap, half the first

PREGAME — It’s an ESPN2 prime-time broadcast, and that means  Mark Jones and Bob Davie on the call. Yes, the same Mark Jones and Bob Davie that against West Virginia produced what the WBE commenters–and writer–agreed was the worst call of an Auburn game in recent memory, and that includes …

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GH08TS of Failure Past

Ugh. No. Pain. Walk around. C'mon. We can do it. Good Lord... are you kiddin'? Pain. No. Walk around. We gotta go for it. Sigh. C'mon. OK. Starting to look too damn familiar. Pain. Here we go. Ugh. Walk around. Yes. No. Flip the channel. Flip it back. War Eagle. Seriously? Seriously. Pain. Oh well. Two years in a row we've killed their quarterback. C'mon. Good job Caudle. Eff you LSU. Sigh. Walk around. Sleep. Sunday. War Eagle.

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