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The First College Game Played In The South trophy

Here’s the trophy Auburn football players earned exactly 121 years ago today. And here’s the pledge they had to sign before they did it. Photo: Auburn Vault. Related: Auburn players, coaches reading the Auburn Creed at George Petrie’s grave 100 years after Auburn’s first football game. … Keep Reading: * …

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The Georgia recap, half the second

HALFTIME — Wendi Nix, man. The glasses are doing more for her than Tina Fey and Sarah Palin and Tina Fey-impersonating-Sarah Palin combined. THIRD QUARTER — The Toro gets run over by Caleb King on the opening drive of the first half  and–WHOOPEE–he has to come out with what seems …

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The Georgia recap, half the first

PREGAME — For your listening pleasure, Auburn fans, tonight’s game will be broadcast by none other than the dynamic duo of Mark Jones and Bob Davie! Let’s give them a round of applause! Or, toss rotten fruit at them! With rocks hidden inside! (Seriously, far and away the best–and maybe …

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Beauty enough

It was almost good enough for one of those Auburn commercials. Just needed more umbrellas and geysers. Or planes that can land on water. Or less waiters in referee outfits. By which I mean the random encounter the Mrs. WBE and I had Saturday night at “Stakes and Sticks,” the …

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