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Notes from the Beat, 11/4

It’s been a pretty busy couple of days so far this week on the Auburn beat, especially considering that it’s Chattanooga week. Before we get started, as always, be sure to show some love to your beat writers — Andy Bitter, Jay G. Tate, Charles Goldberg, and David Morrison — …

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Time to apologize, Chuck

I like Charles Barkley. I like him a lot. For a lot of reasons. I like that he speaks his mind. I like that he never seems to take life too seriously. I like that he's funny. I like that he's very good at his TNT job. I really like that he hates Alabama. Most of all, I like that he genuinely cares about the places that have made him the person he is: Leeds, and Auburn, and the state of Alabama. So many of our athletes have never looked back. Chuck has never stopped looking back.

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