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Team of Density


George McFly had it right. Which is not to say I have any bone to pick with any one who uses the term “team of destiny” to describe the past month of Auburn football. As professor Jolley so ably wrote earlier this week, selecting the right clutch of words to …

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No-Huddle Notebook: It’s a New Week


Auburn powered through another spring practice Monday morning, donning full pads (but not hitting) as the second week of spring camp began. Post-practice, Gus Malzahn and select players were made available, touching on a wide, wide range of subjects. It’s going to be a mixed bag today. And it’s going …

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Seasonthoughts, Clemsonthoughts


Hi, I’m Jerry. If you’re a newish TWER reader, you might not know me. I used to write here a lot. I’d like to write here more often. But at least I’m writing here today. In two parts: Seasonthoughts: the Reboot I didn’t see the new Spiderman movie. I have …

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Notes from the Beat, 8/2


Everyone always says that the first football game of the season is like Christmas, the night before like Christmas Eve, and this year Auburn fans will have a big prime time matchup against Clemson waiting under the tree. But when you think about it, maybe the beginning of football season …

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