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Photo of (Back In) The Day

[UPDATED] There’s a van with an awesome Bo Jackson ‘Ballplayer’ poster graphic thing on the back cruising around Auburn

What’s the best way to avoid getting a ticket for driving without a license plate? Divert attention by spray painting or airbrushing or whatever that photo of Bo Jackson in shoulder pads with the bat behind his head in that iconic Nike “Ballplayer” poster on the back of your van …

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Miss Hey Day, 1988

It’s Hey Day once again on the Auburn University campus. Here’s Rebecca McAffee, Miss Hey Day 1988 (and Bjork’s muse, obviously), chillaxin’ on one of those incredible Pollock-esque, drop cloth-inspired backdrops that no portrait studio in the friendly late 80s could do without. Photo: AU Glomerata. Related: How’s It Goin’ …

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